Visit us to purchase your recycled/used building materials.
Used Brick, Used Lumber, used cabinets, used doors and much more. Recycled building materials to meet your needs. Also antiques, unusual building fixtures, store display and other items. A constant turnover of items. We enjoy visitors and invite you to come in and look us over. However, if you are looking for a specific item, we do suggest you call so as to not waste a trip.
Salvage Warehouse

Salvage Warehouse is the resale location for Ray's Demolition, an Eastern Washington building demolition company since 1962. Site includes warehouse and large material yard. Product availability varies with demolition projects.
East 2121 Broadway
Spokane, Washington

Just east of downtown and north of I-90

Entrance is off of Crestline Street through chain link fence. Northeast corner of Broadway and Crestline
Office located in mobile home on site.
Phone: 509-533-1903
Ray's Demolition
Eastern Washington commercial and industrial demolition experts.
We load pallets only by appointment. You may hand-load during normal business hours.
Small (pictured) 9'x15' -- $250 per section
Large 15'x15' -- $400 per section
All Metal $225 per section
($2,000.00, if take all)
The brick on the left of above photo is the same as the brick shown in individual picture above and to the left on this page. The brick on the right is from a building we just demolished. There are approximately 12 pallets of first brick, and, when completely cleaned and palletized, there will be approximately 200 pallets of just-brought-in brick.